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Rainbow Railway Range

The Rainbow Railway range for Hape is a colourful and engaging railway set which, unlike other alternatives, is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months and above. The various pieces of the set are designed to help toddlers develop all important skills such as fine-motor skills.

Various track pieces are designed to engage with toddlers in the same way as more traditional toys associated with their age group will. An example of this is the Shape Sorter piece, where they can match the rectangular, triangular and semi-circular shapes to complete the track so the train does not derail!

Every piece is designed with colour and interaction in mind, which will keep them excited and engaged for hours as they learn through playing with the sights and sounds.

More Rainbow Railway products are coming soon to us, so please take advantage of this brand new range from Hape.

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Rainbow Route Musical Railway & Station Train Set
Musical and colourful engagement provides endless fun on this toddler friendly train track!
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