Musical Corner

"I want to be in a rock band..."

Give your little ones a sound start in life with our range of noisy instruments.

Our Mini Wooden Musical Instruments will set up your child on a path of creativity. Musical toys will help boost cognitive skills and improve memory as they learn to have the patience to improve their creativity. Letting your child release their built up energy in the form of music can have a calming influence due to the fact that toddlers often get frustrated because they cannot express themselves as easily as grown-ups. Letting this energy out with our wooden instruments will improve their emotional wellbeing.

Our kids musical instruments will also have a good effect on fine and gross motor skills as they coordinate different parts of their body to make the sounds.
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Colourful Maracas
These rainbow striped wooden maracas are a fantastic introduction to making music, percussion and rhythm.
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Feel the beat with this rainbow stripe drum.
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Rain Stick
This rainbow tube is filled with small metal balls, producing a soft falling rain sound when tipped from one end to the other.
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Rainbow Recorder
A fun and exciting first instrument made of wood, ready for budding young musicians!
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Red Children's Guitar
Four tune-able strings make this sturdy red basswood guitar/ukulele the perfect start for a budding musician.
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Sliding Whistle
This wooden sliding flute is a great first instrument.
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Sun Activity Cube
An affordable multifunction activity cube with a lovely Sun smiling face on top
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Wooden Recorder
A classic first instrument made of wood, ready for all budding young musicians!
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This sturdy little xylophone lets children practice colours whilst making music.
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