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BBQ Grill Set
A comprehensive table BBQ grill set including play food for your little one to compete against Dad's burnt offerings!
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Chef's Apron Set
The perfect outfit for any play Chef. Get the play dinner on with this great little outfit designed for ages 3 and above.
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Chef's Choice Cutting Set
Bread, cheese, vegetables and imagination - that's all you need for a kitchen pretend play session!
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Coffee Maker
It's time for a cuppa! The realistic coffee maker comes with a cup and coffee bead.
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Contemporary Wooden Toy Kitchen Set
Ready, steady, cook! Let them bake a cake or prepare dinner in their pretend play contemporary kitchen.
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Cupcakes & Tray Set
A set of 6 delicious looking wooden play cupcakes with Velcro fasteners presented on a sturdy tray
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Cupcakes with Tea Stand
Create a mouth-watering tea time treat with this beautifully coloured afternoon tea stand set.
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Cutting Fruit Box Set
Slice your ingredients up in your play kitchen, to help start teaching your little one's about fractions.
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Double Flavoured Birthday Cake
Who's the lucky birthday boy or girl? Put on your favourite toppings, blow out the candles and cut your friends and family a piece.
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Garden Salad
Mix, toss and serve this colourful play garden salad and encourage healthy eating.
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Gourmet Kitchen Starter Kit
No gourmet play kitchen is complete without these essential wooden play utensils.
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Grocery Shop Till
This colourful and robust wooden cash register is an ideal addition to pretend play shops - featuring a real calculator with digital display.
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Homemade Pizza
Mamma Mia! Extra cheese or maybe hold the peppers? Your children can make it however and whenever they want to.
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Ice Cream Stacking Sundae
Beautifully crafted ice cream sundae stacking playset.
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Kitchen Mixer
Hours of baking fun in your play kitchen!
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Lunch Time Table & Picnic Set
Ready for that picnic? Lay the table for play dinner? This kit will help to serve up any play meal.
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Play Money (Pounds)
This colourful, robust wooden cash register is ideal for pretend play shops.
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Slicing Cherry Cake Set
This is a delicately decorated cake with 12 red 'cherries' for cutting into 6 pieces fro your friends
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It's breakfast time in your play kitchen!
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Wooden Breakfast Bar Kitchen Set
Ready for a pretend play breakfast? Let them prepare a pretend feast in this contemporary play kitchen.
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Wooden Eggs
A box of six, very realistic wooden eggs for your play kitchen.
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Wooden Shopping Trolley
A traditional addition to our shopping and role play selection.
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