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4 – Luna and the Threading Apple

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FREE Bedtime Stories – Introducing Luna the rabbit…

We are very lucky at Wood and Wonder to be able welcome a wonderful author into our blog. Adam E. Holton has been kind enough to write some children’s stories following the life of Luna the rabbit. Adam is very kindly writing these wonderful children’s bedtime stories completely free of charge for Wood and Wonder and we would very much like to pass them onto you – our loyal customers.

Luna the Rabbit

Please feel free to download them as PDFs, print them out and read the stories to your children at bedtime.

Luna, a once shy and nervous rabbit, was rescued by the teacher and toymaker. Because of this she wants to help the toymaker find ideas for his next toys with the help of the local children.

Adam would like to write a new episode to Luna’s story around once a month, so please check back soon to find more.